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Equal opportunities for the kids -
it's time for an E-BIKE that's appropriate for children.

 Pedelecs extend every biker's range and allow even rather untrained drivers to tackle longer trips that they would hardly "survive" without additional electric power. But what about our kids?

They become totally frustrated watching mom and dad climbing up even steep hills without any trouble.
From our own experience we definitely know that this story doesn't have a happy ending. Sooner or later your kids are no longer willing to accompany you on bike tours.

But there's a bright light at the end of the tunnel - the all-new Ben-E-Bikes have been designed by bike-enthusiatic parents and are adapted in every single detail to the specific needs of the new blood.
After two years of intensive development we now proudly present on this website simply the best and most lightweight e-bikes for kids that you can buy on earth.
Enjoy yourself discovering the world of the Ben-E-Bikes!


TWENTY E-POWER V, Kinder-E-Bike, Pedelec for kids

Discover our superlight E-Bikes for Kids

TWENTYFOUR E-POWER, Kinder-E-Bike, Pedelec for kids
TWENTYFOUR E-POWER AIR, Kinder-E-Bike, Pedelec for kids
Das leichteste E-Bike der Welt,, Kinder-E-Bike, Pedelec for kids