Kind macht Bunny-Hop mit E-bike

Questions deserve answers


Here you find answers to the most asked questions about our products. This listing will be regularly updated and amended.

  • Is it possible to order the components of the ben-e-bikes as a "retro-fit kit" for upgrading conventional bikes?
    No - we solely offer complete bikes and no parts. Requests for that are useless.
  • Is it possible to order a second battery?
    Owners of a ben-e-bike of course can order battery separately (those will then be shipped neither with charger nor battery holder). We recommend to directly order the ben-e-bike with a second battery ("Twin Power Option") if you have any doubts with respect to range.
  • Why is the maximum assistance speed limited to 20 km/h when using the 175 Wh battery?
    The outpult voltage of our stanard battery is lower than the one of the "BigPack" version. The maximum revolution speed of a DC motor is strictly correlated with its supply voltage - and in combination with the 175 Wh battery this threshold is reached at approx. 20 km/h.
    We are convinced that this upper limit is absolutely sufficient for a child's pedelec. During the 2-years design phase our kids never asked for higher assistance speeds.
  • Is the maintenance of a ben-e-bike more difficult or comprehensive compared to a conventional bicycle?
    No - not really. All additional electric components are very robust and maintenance-free. If you follow the service rules for a normal bike, then you can't do wrong. The worst enemies of every bike, no matter if it is a pedelec or not, are high-pressure cleaners and any aggressive solvents.
  • How long does it take until my child gets used to the handling of a ben-e-bike?
    During the design phase approximately 300 children have tested the ben-e-bikes. In all cases this adaptation phase took between 15 to 60 seconds (!). They get on, start pedalling and their eyes begin to shine brightly!
  • Is a ben-e-bike suitable for daily use?
    Without doubt - but noble bikes are always in the focus of thieves. For example we wouldn't recommend to place a ben-e-bike at school unattended for hours. Besides that there's really no reason why our bikes shouldn't be used on a daily basis. If you prefer that your kids should ride without additional electric power when you don't accompany them, just remove the battery.
  • Why are ben-e-bikes so much lighter than other pedelecs?
    It is simply a matter of the used components - the electric key parts (motor, battery, controller and display) contribute less than 3.5 kg to the total weight.The drive units of our competitors are twice as heavy. All other parts of the bike are made from the best materials thus saving another several kilograms. Every single component of a ben-e-bike has been carefully chosen for both - lowest possible weight and maximum reliability.
  • What is the maximum driver's weight for a ben-e-bike?
    All ben-e-bikes except the TWENTYSIX E-POWER AIR (which can deal with 90 kg max.) can be loaded with 40 - 45 kg max. This limit avoids any damage to the frame or the wheels even when used offroad.
  • Are children allowed to use e-bikes on traffic roads?
    The legal situation within the European Union is quite clear - a pedelec with a maximum assistance speed of 25 km/h is simply a "bicycle". Therefore there's no minimum driver age and no need for any driver licenseor any other approval.Switzerland makes an exemption - here Kids have to be at least 14 years old if they like to use a pedelec on public roads.
  • Are ben-e-bikes equipped according to road traffic regulations (in Germany called "StVO")?
    No - but of course your local ben-e-bike dealer will be glad to supply the mandatory head / tail lights and reflectors. Fortunately the motor controller of each ben-e-bike already comes with a 6V output for the lights, means that you neither need any dynamo nor self-powered illumination. The battery of the ben-e-bike will take over that job.
  • Will you offer ben-e-bikes for adults one day?
    No - we are definitely focussing on bikes for children as we see here the most need for action and potential. Nevertheless the TWENTYSIX E-POWER AIR can also be used by adults with a height of less than 1.70m.
  • Which additional sizes are planned for the near future?
    Since September 2017 we are offering a 26" version for body heights up to 165 - 170 cm. We could even think of a small frame variant with 27.5" wheels, but that's actually not in our development focus. 29" version won't be ever offered as well as bike sizes less than 20".
  • Why is a hub motor used while the central motor meanwhile is the most popular solution today?
    For several reasons we are convinced that the central motor isn't the right choice for kid's E-Bikes and that's why we prefer the rear hub drive. All details you can find on the page TECHNOLOGY - E-DRIVE.
  • How many charge / dischrage cycle can the batteries of the ben-e-bikes handle?
    At least 500 full charge / discharge cycles are possible until the maximum battery capacity is reduced to 70%.