Final Assembly

Everything you need to know about the final assembly of your new ben-e-bike

The ben-e-bike will arrive at your home in this cardboard box

Please make sure to be at home while unpacking

Endmontage E-Bike für Kinder Karton

Open the cardboard box and unbox the bike

Required tools:

  • Hex key, key-width 4 mm
  • key-width 6 mm torque wrench for torques 4 Nm and 35 Nm

Endmontage E-Bike für Kinder Karton mit Inhalt

Caution! Avoid damaging cables while removing the wrapping with a knife

The subpackage includes:

  • Charger
  • Pedals
  • Electric light cable
  • Operating instructions
  • Transport lock brakes

Endmontage E-Bike für Kinder Ausgepackt

Adjust the handlebar and tight the screws of the front end evenly
Hex key, key-width 4 mm, torques 4 Nm

Die Pedale festschrauben
(links/rechts Kennzeichnung beachten)
Hex key, key-width 6 mm, torques 35 Nm

Endmontage E-Bike für Kinder final

Before your first ride
Please charge the battery, adjust the saddle-position, test the brakes and run an allround-check.

"Dry Assembly" - no thanks!
It is possible that, even with our high diligence on the montage of the ben-e-bike, there still could be remnants of grease found on some surfaces of the frame or on some of the mounting parts. This occurs, because otherwise than similar manufacturers, we use a good ammount of grease while installing important components, like the brackets.