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Safety first...

Safety is all that matters!

"Gosh - a pedelec for a kid - isn't that's way more dangerous than a conventional bike"- this statement we heard several times during the development phase of the Ben-E-Bikes.
In fact - there's some truth behind it if technology for adult pedelecs is tranfered to kid's bikes without proper adaptation. As always - it simply depends on how you do it. We are absolutely convinced that our Ben-E-Bikes outperform most of the "unpowered "kids bikes available on the market today in terms of safety.


„Aren't children unable to deal with the speed of a pedelec?“
No - even if an official statement from the German bicycle club "ADFC" says the opposite. Actually from perspective and experience this is pure nonsens as kids on a Ben-E-Bike don't drive faster on level routes. In combination with the standard 175 Wh battery the motor assistance ends at 20 km/h. Parents (and not the child himself) can even reduce this threshold to values between 10 and 20 km/h.
Besides that all Ben-E-Bikes have a short gear transmission ratio so that it is hardly possible to achieve higher speeds than 30 km/h even on slope sections.


„Does the sudden push of the motor lead to critical situations?“

No - the controller of the hub motor is well adapted to the low weight of bike and driver. In addition to that all Ben-E-Bikes offer a new feature that allows to match the total motor power to the weight of your kid.. Needless to say that this parameter can only be changed by the parents. A proper setup provided the hub motor offers in combination with the three sensors (speed-, pedal and hall sensors) a powerful yet smooth response.

„Aren't pedelecs much heavier than conventional bikes for children?“

No - not in case of a Ben-E-Bike. This statement is only valid for our competition.
Every single Ben-E-Bike simply proves the opposite. It is one of our basic principles that a Ben-E-Bike always  has to be lighter than a comparable, conventional bicycle for children!

You need an example?
A non-powered 20" bike, even offered by well-known players in the bike industry, typically brings 10.5 to 11.5 kg to the scales - our Ben-E-Bike TWENTY E-POWER just weighs 9.9 kg.
Standard 24" bicycles with suspension forks are between 13 and 14 kg, whereas the Ben-E-Bike TWENTYFOUR AIR weighs 12.0 kg and our superlight version even less than 11 kg.
Needless to mention that our 8.8 kg TWENTYSIX RACE is the most lightweight E-bike that you can buy worldwide.